As one of the largest global market research companies, TNS has more conversations with the world’s consumers than anyone else. A large proportion of these are over the phone, conducted by our dedicated telephone interviewers.

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Our West London call centre make millions of calls each year to interview people in the UK and abroad on a wide range of topics. These interviews provide the data for the vital work we do on behalf of both governmental and commercial organisations. This data forms the foundation of our research and has a real impact in shaping our clients’ policies and decisions. Our telephone interviewers are fundamental to what TNS does.

Being a Telephone Interviewer is an interesting and varied role. It allows you flexibility, competitive rates of pay, a friendly working environment and opportunities for advancement.

An ideal candidate will be confident and professional when talking to people over the phone, good at listening and able to record information accurately on a computer. No previous experience is necessary as TNS has a comprehensive training programme for all successful candidates. There is absolutely no selling involved.

The benefits

  • Competitive hourly rate with pro rata holiday pay
  • Uncapped performance bonus*
  • Evening and weekend work
  • Flexibility to choose your own shift pattern

“It’s not an easy job but for our interviewers who have been doing this job for years there is no doubt they find it very rewarding, they get insights into British life that many of us don’t see, they know the work is extremely important and they know the work that they do gives the British population the opportunity to contribute to the quality of public life in Britain.” Michelle Harrison, CEO, TNS Political & Social

For more information or to apply for a telephone interviewer position, please contact us using the details on the sidebar.

*dependent on project worked