Kantar TNS Now is a range of innovative, professional and reliable research solutions that allows you to act at the speed of business. Get the key information that makes the decision clear within hours or days rather than weeks and at an affordable price.

Options for different needs:

Custom questions, 52 countries

Representative samples, from £200 per question

Results in 48 hrs

Concept screening

Lead time as little as 12 hours

Pricing from £1,140

Available in 33 countries

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Essential pack evaluation

Results in as little as 7 days

From £3,900 for 2 packs

Available in 10 countries

Product tested in situ

Results in as little as 2 weeks

From £9,000 for one product

Available in 9 countries

Brand equity & image dips

Results as little as 48 hours

From £5,000 per category

Pre-test TV, Print & Digital ads

From £3K per ad

Results in 6 hrs

Post test 360 campaigns

From £3K per ad

Results in 6 hrs

Brand & Comms Tracking

From £12k per brand p.a.

Dashboard updated weekly