Discover emerging trends in urban mobility

World Mobility Obervatory

From congestion, connectivity and climate concerns, to accelerating urbanization and shifting working patterns: the forces shaping the future of mobility are already in action today. Over the next few years, the reasons people travel at particular moments and the ways that they choose to do so will undergo unprecedented change in every market on earth.

Kantar TNS offers comprehensive insights on mobility issues, including the World Mobility Observatory (WMO), in partnership with BIPE, which takes a unique, collaborative approach to mapping the future of mobility across 30 major cities and 18 markets. We conducted an in-depth consumer survey among 24,000 people to understand and anticipate consumers’ changing mobility needs at particular moments in time. These insights, combined with cutting-edge forecasting and modelling techniques, result in the most complete picture yet of shifting mobility patterns in both developed and rapid growth markets.

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