Managing Director Automotive Germany, COO TNS GCEE

Winfried runs the Automotive and Mobility business in Germany, partnering clients with a team of 120 dedicated automotive consultants.

His experience with Auto/Mobility research dates back to 1985. In 1989 he joined Lufthansa German Airlines as Head of Market Research Global. He has been Managing Director at TNS Germany since 1996 in various positions, responsible for both operations and market side activities. In 2008 he assumed Automotive/Mobility accountability.

He also oversees the TNS Germany Applied Marketing Science/R&D team with 35 employees dedicated to develop new methods and complex data modelling, incl. of putting new Smart Data into value at client.

He is a member of TNS Germany and CEE Boards as well as global Auto Steering Committee member.

He holds several degrees in Sociology, Geography and administrative law.