Generating breakthrough ideas grounded in strategy

SuperGroup is a collaborative, co-creation workshop that brings your team together with specially recruited creative consumers and category experts.

Our expert facilitators carefully plan this high-intensity two-day session to help you look at innovation challenges and insights in a new way, matching our range of creativity-enhancing techniques to the precise needs of your business.

Our two-day SuperGroup will give you 10-12 test-ready concepts that are grounded in a uniquely detailed understanding of unmet needs for your category. And it will deliver the energy and inspiration to help drive those concepts through to launch.

Questions that SuperGroup can answer:

  • Having identified an opportunity for innovation to address consumer needs, how do I develop new ideas to fill our product pipeline?
  • How can I turn early ideas into concepts that I can explore further with consumers?
  • What are the desired product features/ attributes and emotional motivators for new innovations?
  • What are the guardrails to consider when generating new ideas?

Key benefits of using SuperGroup:

  • Research grounded in real consumer insights and your category context to ensure relevance to your business needs
  • Established panels of consumers all over the world selected for their extroverted personality and creative ability
  • Allows both divergent thinking to create a large quantity of ‘seed’ ideas and convergent thinking to identify the ‘best’ ideas to move forward
  • Ability to move quickly into concept screening with Concept eValuate

SuperGroup is one of our Innovation & Product Development and Qualitative research tools