From insights to winning concepts in seven days


Seven is an intensive and integrated approach that delivers sharply defined, validated concepts in just seven working days – a process which typically takes several months.

Grounded in real-life consumer context, Seven encompasses the insight generation, ideation, concept development and testing stages to help you identify and fast-track the great ideas that will drive incremental growth for your business.

Our innovation experts combine the creative power of crowdsourcing with strategic rigour and discipline to provide you with clear direction on how to get first to market with a powerful new offer.

Questions that Seven can answer:

  • How can I find the next big innovation or renovation idea?
  • How can I streamline my innovation process to increase speed to market?
  • How can I maximise chances of success early in the innovation process?
  • How can I leverage the power of co-creation to develop breakthrough ideas, without sacrificing rigour?

Key benefits of using Seven:

  • An intensive, fast-turnaround process that focuses on delivering innovation speed without compromising on quality
  • Research grounded in real consumer insights and your category context to ensure relevance to your business needs
  • Draws on a variety of strategic facilitation techniques designed to bring new understanding of and inspiration for your innovation challenges
  • Allows to generate a large quantity of new ideas by tapping into the fresh thinking of a global community of 325,000+ creators
  • Provides clear guidance on how to optimise winning ideas, supported by an extensive benchmark database