Crafting products for launch readiness

A new product must match consumer expectations to deliver strong repeat purchase, the critical factor for long-term success.

Product eValuate is a concept-product test which uses proven performance measures to determine whether a new product meets expectations and is good enough to launch, together with actionable diagnostics to determine how it can be optimised.

And because innovation success should be measured in terms of growth, we use individual modelling to double the accuracy of source of volume estimates. This helps avoid the trap of launching a ‘cannibal’ which delivers volume, but not the desired growth.


Questions that Product eValuate can answer:

  • Is my product ready for market?
  • Which product formulation provides the best chance of success?
  • How can I improve concept-product fit?
  • Is the growth potential big enough to merit a launch?

Key benefits of using Product eValuate

  • Database benchmarks give clear advice on whether concept, product and concept-product fit are good enough
  • Launch Health Check provides a summary metric on whether the product mix is ready for launch
  • Individual modelling provides a more accurate estimate of growth potential
  • Synergy analysis advises on potential impact/ optimisation of promotional activity
  • Optional sales volume forecast based on a simple marketing plan provides a ‘disaster check’ for the business plan

Product eValuate is one of our Innovation & Product Development research tools