As the backbone of Britain’s economy, it is vital that SMEs are understood as the idiosyncratic and diverse group of businesses that they represent.


TNS UK conducted an award-winning study, utilising innovative techniques such as gamification, in order to engage with and learn from 1049 SME business owners and senior financial decision-makers across a spread of business sectors.

Funding and investment

78% of SMEs say they go to non-bank lenders for funding. We asked SMEs if they had £1 million – what would they invest it in?

SMEs and banks

89% of SMEs use only one bank, yet increasingly they are turning their back on traditional institutions and are seeking support and funding from alternative sources. We asked SMEs want they want from their banks.

SME’s business ambitions

85% see themselves, their family, friends or employees as the biggest contributors to success. We asked SMEs what are their greatest barriers?