TNS segmentation analysis has helped unravel some of the differing views held on green issues and EFPs. Our analysis has identified four distinct segments: 'Concerned citizens', 'Priced out', 'Issue sceptics' and 'Product sceptics'. For more information watch the following videos:


Concerned Citizens 

At 38%, this segment is the largest of the four eco-segments. Although this group are willing to pay for EFPs, they are not 100% convinced of their effectiveness.


Priced out

These consumers represent just under a quarter of the eco-segments at 22%. They are highly price sensitive; willing to pay but can't afford to.


Issue sceptics

This group are sceptical of green issues, believing that the dangers are overstated. As 22% of our four-eco segments they are the joint second biggest segment.


Product sceptics

As the smallest of the four eco-segments at just under one-fifth (19%), Product sceptics are concerned about environmental issues but they are not convinced by EFPs.