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Bridging the gap

We’ve identified 4 changes to shopper marketing research to help brands achieve a more effective, integrated approach. Find out more

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Plastic Packaging Survey

New survey exposes generation gap in tackling packaging waste

March 2018
Kantar TNS UK | GDPR Awareness Index

The second wave of Kantar TNS’ GDPR Awareness Index shows that public awareness of GDPR remains low, unchanged from last month at 34%. Understanding of what is covered by the new regulation also remains poor.

January 2018
The moment that... banking got personal

How can banks redefine themselves for a digital age, creating moments that drive revenue and deliver a coherent brand experience?

August 2017
The moment that…cash was no longer king

Although adoption of digital payments has been driven by younger generations, it is the older consumers, with buying power and savings who present the greatest opportunity for banks to capitilise on.

August 2017
The moment that… subscription models disrupted beauty

The best new beauty brands are rethinking the moments they share with their customers entirely for the digital age. What are the keys to their success?

July 2017
The moment that…there was a beverage for every occasion

Modern life is fast, furious and unpredictable. The internet facilitates the travel of trends from one side of the globe to the other, inspiring experimentation leaving brands with a traditionally loyal fan base face in stiff competition.

July 2017
The moment that…millennials rewrote the rules on car usage

Once upon a time baby boomers were teenagers, the American dream was gold and owning a car was the ultimate status symbol. The automotive industry enjoyed limitless enthusiasm from its customers since so many important moments in their everyday lives depended on the freedom their vehicles provided.

June 2017
The moment and snacking collided

As people’s snacking behavior changes, new opportunities arise for snack food brands to update and innovate around key moments.

June 2017
The moment that…travelling got personal

As digital technology revolutionises how people plan and book holidays, the travel industry has evolved to capture the power of the moment more than ever before.

May 2017
The moment that… insurance started working for people

We live in an ‘on-demand’ economy, with goods and services designed to arrive at lightning speed for virtually all of life’s moments.What does this mean then, for a product such as insurance? A product with an intangible and indefinite benefit?

May 2017
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