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Latest news & insights

Leaps of faith: inspiring trust in disruptive times

The concept of trust has usually been associated with stasis more than change. It brings up images of age-old, time-tested, large, solid brands and organisations with large and loyal user bases.

July 2018
Leapfrogging to equality: Why brands must think ‘women-first’ when developing voice applications

Two decades ago, mobile connectivity enabled underserved populations in emerging markets to leapfrog their way past the non-existent landline infrastructure.

June 2018
Are your digital ads engaging or intrusive? It depends who you’re targeting

Digital ad spend continues to rise, and is forecast to top $203bn in 2018 (GroupM, 2017). Yet despite continuing growth, many senior marketers from the most valuable global brands lack confidence in digital advertising’s ability to truly deliver against its great promise: to create seamless, personalised experiences online, in the crucial moments that matter between people and brands.

May 2018
From bricks, clicks to Insta-pics: what’s next for social commerce?

Over the past decade, social media have opened up a world of connection, allowing people to communicate, share ideas, activities, events, play games, listen to music and more. So it’s not surprising that this ecosystem is fast becoming crucial real estate for brands vying to reach potential new customers by creating seamless shopping experiences through native ecommerce.

April 2018
Plastic Packaging Survey

New survey exposes generation gap in tackling packaging waste

March 2018
Building brand equity on social media: what brands can learn from YouTube

How can YouTube's rich and personalised experience provide inspiration for brands seeking to gain cut through and ensure relevance?

February 2018
Kantar TNS UK | GDPR Awareness Index

The second wave of Kantar TNS’ GDPR Awareness Index shows that public awareness of GDPR remains low, unchanged from last month at 34%. Understanding of what is covered by the new regulation also remains poor.

January 2018
The data debate: creating fairer value exchanges between people and brands

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is set to disrupt data acquisition and usage practices in Europe, as well as affect emerging markets. How can brands ensure a fair value exchange of ‘data for services’ in this high-scrutiny environment?

January 2018
Attention seekers: Is communications overload alienating people?

We invite brands into our lives to provide the products and services we need. And in this connected, switched-on world, we expect them to be available to us whenever and wherever we want. Yet this creates tension: exactly when and how are brands welcome to add value?

December 2017
Suspicious minds: lessons for brands in a post-truth age

While ‘post-truth’ has become a popular catch phrase thanks to the political turbulence of the last couple of years, the crisis of trust in the connected world extends much beyond recent history.

November 2017
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