In today’s complex media landscape and digitally connected world, TV ads have to work harder than ever to get noticed.  Kantar TNS UK conduct Campaign magazine's Adwatch survey, which monitors prompted advertising-awareness for the latest TV campaigns and provides a steer on which ads are getting noticed through the complex media clutter. For some of the most recognised campaigns we also measure likeability.  

At Kantar TNS we know that measuring the short-term effectiveness of advertising on its own is not enough, the key to delivering sustained growth is understanding how effective your advertising is on both short-term impact and long-term response.  Short-term response is driven by how engaging and motivating the campaign is for people – whether the messages or positioning conveyed resonates with the target audience and drive behaviours in the short-term.  Long-term effects are driven by different aspects; whether the campaign influences how consumers feel about the brand and the associations they hold in their memories which will lead to decision making well into the future.

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Helen Rowe, ‎Head of Brand & Communications (B&C) Tracking at Kantar TNS UK, commented on the results:

"McDonalds light hearted dig at coffee shop culture really seems to have hit a chord with viewers, achieving high likeability during February.  The humorous exaggerated slice of life vignettes knit together a picture of madness (to the ska classic by Prince Buster) and position McDonalds perfectly ‘on brand’ in the genuine, easy going emotive space with the uncomplicated message of ‘McCafe, great tasting coffee, simple!’. However, the one downside to the creative was that it scored low in ‘Recall’, suggesting perhaps initial weights could have been higher."

Top 10 most-recalled adverts: 30 January 2017 - 26 February 2017

Prompted advertising awareness | Proportion of people who recall the advert

Recall Adwatch

Top 10 most-liked adverts: 30 January 2017 - 26 February 2017

Proportion of people who 'like' the advert

Likeability Adwatch