Digital technology has the power to transform relationships between citizens and the state, in a personalised, ‘’ paradigm for government services. But it can only do so if it has the right research to guide it. In this feature, we explore the key questions that research must answer in order to enable a new era for digital government:

  • The appetite and capabilities for new, more personalised relationships with the state
  • The information that citizens actually need, in order to live their lives better
  • Capabilities and willingness for using digital tools
  • Perceptions of different arms of government, and the types of relationships that citizens are prepared to countenance with them
  • Willingness to share data in order to improve experience of government services
  • The likely risks and returns of delivering

Building irresistible brands

NeedScope is a unique brand planning system to help develop and manage irresistible brands. Using proprietary models, NeedScope uncovers the drivers of irresistibility in brands; and adds value throughout the marketing process.

Winning the brand share battle

ConversionModel provides detailed insights into category dynamics and spending patterns, pinpointing opportunities to attract new consumers, re-win existing ones and to optimise their spending. It uses a precise understanding of today’s market to predict tomorrow.

Enhancing the creative process

AdEval offers a new approach to ad pre-testing, assessing both the immediate brand appeal as well as long-term brand effects – a proven approach to increase advertising success.

Delivering precision in the moment

Situational Equity is a groundbreaking approach that allows clients to get closer to the specific moments of brand choice, revealing targeted actions to deliver new sources of growth.

Key brand metrics in a matter of hours

ConversionModel Express is designed to pinpoint threats and growth opportunities for brands in a matter of hours: ideal for when quick top-line insights are needed to direct brand growth opportunities.

Riding back to market leadership

NeedScope, Brand & Communication, Automotive

The challenge

India’s market leader in scooters had lost its leadership of the broader two-wheel category, and attempts to regain its position by launching a new motorcycle had failed.

Our approach

We used a qualitative and quantitative NeedScope programme to explore the dynamics of the market, and look beyond function to reveal all of the needs that scooters and motorcycles meet.

The insight

Motorcycles and scooters address very different emotional needs in India; to become irresistible to motorcycle buyers the client needed a new brand that was young, sporty, irreverent and had a sense of freedom that could appeal to the ‘liberation’ market segment.


The launch of the new brand re-energised the company and returned it to market leadership amongst rave reviews from motoring magazines.

Identifying barriers to growth

ConversionModel, Brand & Communication, Technology

The challenge

An initially successful new mobile operator was struggling to increase its market share beyond 2-3%, and battling low retention rates.

Our approach

We used ConversionModel to explore the brand’s competitive strengths and weaknesses in different regions, and reveal the market dynamics influencing brand choice, retention and conversion.

The insight

Weak network signals and late delivery of SMS messages were a barrier to brand loyalty and acquisition. Only those who were very young, and prepared to compromise quality in search of low prices, tended to remain loyal to the brand.


Our client’s market share doubled, and retention rates increased by 50%.

Identifying growth opportunities in new markets

ConversionModel, Brand & Communication

The challenge

A major European network operator needed to evaluate which new markets would provide the greatest opportunities for expansion.

Our approach

We used ConversionModel to analyse consumers’ needs and assess their commitment to incumbent brands across a range of different countries.

The insight

We identified the most promising markets, with the largest number of people open to changing their current provider.


The client launched a new operator brand into the two most promising markets, achieving more than 10 per cent penetration within the first 18 months.

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