Why is a set of perfect white teeth such an imperative for Americans? Why are Chinese men so slow to trust each other? Why did the Italians re-elect Berlusconi so many times? These questions are hugely important to global brands, because in today’s competitive landscape, a winning brand is often one that aligns most effectively with local cultural ideals.

In a groundbreaking study, TNS has contrasted different culture’s perceptions of what constitutes an ‘Ideal Man’ in different cultures. We reveal how brands can effectively target an important demographic, and how the Ideal Man reflects deeper nuances in national cultures:

  • How the Ideal Man is situated in society
  • How he has to operate
  • His X-Factor, and how it gets him ahead
  • How he navigates between the sacred and the profane
  • How his manliness is defined versus women
  • How he behaves with other men
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