Nothing exerts so great an influence on shoppers’ choices as brand equity; the way a shopper feels about a brand and his or her existing relationship with it. And yet time and time again brands see their hard-won place in consumer hearts and minds failing to translate into strong sales performance. A big part of the reason is the challenge of integrating brand and shopper marketing. It’s a challenge that research has a big role to play in helping to overcome.

In this feature, we reveal how four new principles for shopper marketing research can help to bridge the brand-shopper divide, support more integrated marketing strategies, and translate brand equity into sales more effectively:

  • Taking brand equity more seriously in shopper research
  • Focusing on decision points, wherever they may occur, rather than maintaining a rigid view of the path to purchase
  • Discriminating between the importance of different touchpoints
  • Directing barriers research at the shoppers who have a relationship with your brand
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