Have you been contacted by telephone by an interviewer working on behalf of TNS?

TNS has two UK call centres where we telephone respondents and ask them to participate in market research. There are no sales or marketing calls involved, your details are dealt with confidentially, and responses aggregated for further use.  

Why did we contact you?

We contact millions of people each year and rely on the goodwill of the public to carry out this important research. We will always introduce ourselves personally by name and by organisation and give you an outline of the topic we are researching. We will offer you two freephone contact numbers to verify we are who we say we are and would always be willing to contact you back at a time that is more convenient. All our interviewers undergo thorough training to ensure they know the standards we expect them to keep, in line with the Market Research Society and their Code of Conduct. Within Telephone Data Collection we also adhere to various other quality standards.  

TPS Registered?

Genuine market research calls such as these are permitted by TPS legislation as we hope to get your feedback and opinions to improve products and services.  

Where did we get your number from / ex-directory?

Occasionally our clients may pass on your telephone number so that we may contact you on their behalf, sometimes we may buy your telephone number from an external supplier but in the majority of research studies we run, telephone numbers are produced through a system called Random Digit Dialling. This system provides us with completely random telephones numbers and the only information we would gain from that number is a rough idea of the area from the dialling code used. Using this method we do contact unobtainable numbers, fax machines, business numbers, ex-directory, modems and any kind of telephone line that exists in order to ensure we are approaching a completely random sample of people to answer our research and that we are not biasing the data we collect in any way.  

To prevent further calls or to answer any queries?

Please provide us with your telephone number that we tried to contact you on and your query or request not to be called. We will respond accordingly.

By telephone: 0208 433 4056 - Please leave your telephone number along with your enquiry so that we may prevent further calls to your number. We will phone you back only if requested.

By email: Telephones.uk@kantar.com and we will respond purely to confirm any actions taken or to follow up on any enquiry.

By freephone: To contact our West London call centre please dial: 0800 015 1037.

By letter: Please write to The Quality Manager
Telephones, TNS House, Westgate, London, W5 1AU

All correspondence or contact will be used purely for the purposes of dealing with your complaint or query and will not be passed on or used without your express permission.

Various Quality Standards adhered to by TNS UK Ltd Telephone Data Collection

ISO 9001 International Standard for Business Practice

  • Stipulates conformity to regulatory requirements and a need for defined controls for the processing of records

ISO 20252 International Standard for Market Research

  • Has specific requirements for the handling of information, including personal information

ISO 27001 International Standard for the Management of Information Security

  • Requires us to have a formal framework for managing and protecting the information that we process, including business, respondent and employee information

Data Protection Act (DPA)

  • Registered on the Data Protection Register (Z2413668)

Market Research Society

  • As a Company Partner of the Market Research Society, we commit to uphold industry standards which are designed to satisfy legislation and promote high quality research
  • As a MRS Company Partner all our interviewers abide by the principals set down by the MRS Code of Conduct

Office of Communications (Ofcom)

  • Compliant with the Communications Act
  • We provide Caller Line IDs so we are fully traceable on all our calls
  • We provide automated messages if a silent call is made by the automated dialler
  • We monitor to ensure we keep silent calls made by our autodialler to a minimum

If you wish to make a complaint, please visit our UK complaints page.

TNS UK Privacy Policy for Telephone Surveys