Have you received an email invite?

If we have contacted you via email, there should be an opt out link or email address contained in your email for you to contact with any queries. If there is no link or email address supplied or if you are continuing to receive unwanted emails from us, please contact QIS@kantar.com providing details of the email you received.   

Did you get a pop-up survey invite?

If you have any queries about a survey invitation you have seen via a pop up or embedded survey link on a webpage, then please contact QIS@kantar.com providing details of the pop up or embedded survey link and the website you were on when you received the survey invite.

Do you have a query about the survey you're completing?

If you have queries about the survey you are completing, you can click on the Help Link on screen for any FAQ's and contact details.

If you wish to make a complaint, please visit our UK complaints page.

TNS UK Privacy Policy for Online Surveys