Our experts around the world focus on understanding your business issues so they can recommend solutions that help you make informed decisions that lead to growth.

At Kantar TNS we harness new learnings from neuroscience and behavioural economics to provide a precise understanding of how people make decisions and their underlying motives and strategies to help grow your brand.

Brand & Communication

Contrary to what some believe not every moment matters on your customer’s journey. Our customer experience (CX) subject matter experts can help you identify which ones to focus in on. Transforming data into insight, our team identify which moments influence choice, deepen loyalty, create passion and increase revenue. Can you afford not to know which moments matter for your business?

Customer Experience

We complement our core research offer with social media insights, mobile methodologies, behavioural data and partner with forward-looking consumers via online communities.

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At TNS we help clients turn innovation’s failure rate around. Our solutions help clients screen differently and prioritise the ideas and concepts that provide real, top-line growth.

Innovation & Product Development

At Kantar TNS Qualitative, our mission is to help you understand how individual human behaviour and emotion impact your business, enabling you to shape strategy and unlock growth.

Qualitative Research

TNS Shopper understands that happy shoppers spend more – and leverages this principle to help you grow brand and category sales.


TNS offers you all the quality data you need without the fuss. Whether it's overnight omnibus data, or a bespoke multi-country tracking study, we can provide the largest range of data collection methods in the industry.

Kantar TNS Now is a range of services providing fast answers to business questions in the UK and internationally. By combining leading technology with world-class research expertise, Kantar TNS Now provides professional, reliable market research at an affordable price and with remarkable speed.

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At TNS we support our clients in delivering optimal customer experiences to drive customer acquisition, retention and recommendation.