Inspiring Qualitative research to unlock real business growth

At TNS Qualitative, we believe that inspiring qualitative research makes the difference between standing still and unlocking real business growth. Our multi-method, behaviour-focused approaches give tangible direction to create change in the marketplace.

We provide a deep and broad understanding of people as individuals, in their multiple contexts and identities. Drawing from the latest thinking in behavioural economics, cognitive psychology and cultural anthropology, we put context at the heart of our qualitative approaches.

Our in-house qualitative teams in 60 markets around the globe include some of the world’s best qualitative practitioners who strive to inspire you with new ways of looking at your business.


Shaping real human behaviour to drive brand performance

The journey from a brand’s strategic intent to performance in the market can be a bumpy ride, often due to the fundamental unpredictability of human behaviour. Our behaviour-centric approaches help you bridge the gap between what people think, feel and say vs. what they actually do.

Combining rigour and creativity to inspire high-potential growth ideas

Innovations are rooted in understanding and resolving consumer tensions. This calls for a process that combines sensitive understanding of consumer realities with a creative exploration of possibilities.

Engaging with consumers anywhere, anytime, anyhow

We look for imaginative and creative ways of integrating technology into our work, from our unique approach to online communities to our use of wearable cameras to understand habitual behaviour, our immersive research on mobile platforms, or our use of social data to identify innovation opportunities.

Partnering with some of the world’s best qualitative practitioners

Our researchers have diverse backgrounds, specialisms and passions, ranging from psychology to cultural anthropology, behavioural economics, linguistics, semiotics, philosophy as well as brands and marketing expertise.

Developing strategies that resonate with your target markets

The business environment has become more global and multi-cultural, and you might be asked to stretch into environments and cultures you don’t always intuitively understand. Many taken-for-granted assumptions are being challenged, and a sound appreciation of these new contexts is essential for your business to deliver what it needs to.