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TNS Omnibus has a powerful suite of survey tools, which can be adapted to meet your research needs. See what people want, what they think, what they like and dislike. Track their attitudes and tastes in today’s fast-moving business, social and political environment.

Omnibus is not just about measuring mass opinion. Because it has a large sample, it can help you reach your target market. It can tell you about demographic groups, such as mothers, an age group or a region. Or it can tell you about people you are interested in, whether they are customers of a particular supermarket, social network browsers or spectacle wearers.

TNS Omnibus is fast and cost-effective, backed by TNS staff with expertise across business, political and social and consumer issues. They can help you to a full understanding of the TNS Omnibus insights, and how to use them to take your business forward.

TNS Omnibus is a regular survey of a representative sample of the population. Clients share the cost: you buy in on a question-by-question basis, so it is a lot less expensive than commissioning a bespoke survey.

Different approaches to best meet your needs

The TNS omnibus suite of surveys uses the whole range of methods: face-to-face, online and telephone. Your dedicated TNS omnibus professional will advise you on the right omnibus product and how to tailor it to your requirements.

UK Online Omnibus

A fast and affordable route to quality research insight. It happens twice a week, and you can have the results in 48 hours.

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International Omnibus

An affordable solution for clients who need an international view, offering 1000 adults per country.

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NightLine 24 Hrs

When you really need a fast result, NightLine delivers in 24 hours. Reaching 1,000 GB adults daily, you can ask the questions today, get the answers tomorrow.

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International 48 hours

When you need results urgently, we can deliver interviews from 28 countries within 48 hours

Face-to-face Omnibus

Our biggest UK omnibus, enabling you to reach up to 4000 adults every week. Face-to-face is effective for every survey need.


Kids Omnibus

Kids Omnibus is a quick, cost effective way to gauge young people’s attitudes. 

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Scottish Opinion Survey

Backed by an experienced and knowledgeable Edinburgh-based team, this offers insights into the culturally distinctive population of Scotland, especially valuable for social and political research.

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Fifty+Bus is a fast, cost effective way to reach the over-50s, and allows your business to better understand the increasing impact this crucial age group is having on the adoption of products and services. 

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A fast, cost effective omnibus survey providing insight into what makes the capital tick, an expert eye on the UK’s biggest and most diverse population centre. 

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With so much expertise and so many options, TNS Omnibus really does answer all your questions.


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