Car manufacturers in the race for a connected future

Eight in 10 new cars will be connected by 2020, yet consumers are still in the dark about the benefits of car connectivity with four in 10 drivers (39%) unaware that these features exist in their own vehicles. Find out more

May 2016 | Automotive

Harnessing the power of the crowd to innovate against moments of opportunity

Alice Moss, Qualitative Lead for FMCG and Retail at TNS UK, offers insights about aligning a crowd of creative minds around a single consumer moment to produce ideas that both captivate and compel. Find out more

| Research methods

Building better brand experiences in the touchpoint revolution

Brands are now the sum of consumer experiences – and marketers are in the business of selling customer journeys rather than simply stand-alone products. Read full article

| Digital strategy

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The can have your beer and drink it too
The can have your beer and drink it too

Weeknight drinks with friends and colleagues are often a welcome release after the weekly grind. And they’re hard to turn down - the moment your laptop closes at the end of a long day feels like the perfect time to unwind with a drink. But that day’s end drink can also distract from a self-promised gym-session, curb a good night’s (sober) sleep, and put a strain on the wallet. Indeed, Global Monitor by Kantar Futures finds that Tweet this78% of beer drinkers around the world are either trying to improve their health, or agree they need to. This points to an opportunity which brands are taking note of.

ONS CPIH Index powered Kantar TNS UK
ONS CPIH Index powered Kantar TNS UK

Every month the Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes a range of indices including the key National Statistic the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) as a measure of the inflation in the UK for a basket of goods and services. Kantar TNS UK has been the proud partner of ONS for collecting data for the CPI since it was originally awarded in 1994. The research is produced in conjunction with ONS, The Government and The Bank of England (BoE).

March 2017
How to solve the problem with programmatic
How to solve the problem with programmatic

Will Goodhand, Innovation Director at Kantar TNS, looks at what programmatic can do to move away from the relentless targeting that ultimately only alienates consumers, and become better targeted and tailored messaging welcomed by its audience.

Gender intelligent design
Gender intelligent design

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars, or so say the tired tropes. Yet, at a time where gender roles are in flux, brands should be designing to gender differences.

March 2017
Ad enhancement, not interruption: capturing the moment
Ad enhancement, not interruption: capturing the moment

Picture the scene: you’re trying to share a video with a couple of friends to illustrate a point you’ve been arguing about for the last half hour. As the video loads, an ad pops up at twice the volume of what you’ve been playing before.

February 2017 | Digital Insights

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Since its inception two years ago, Kantar TNS UK’s analytics and data science business has grown rapidly and has recently made six new hires to keep up with client demand.

16 February 2017

New analysis of why some Christmas adverts fail finds that novelty, emotional connection and relevance are all critical to persuade consumers to part with their cash.

12 December 2016

Leading research agency, Kantar TNS, is delighted to be named winner of four highly acclaimed awards at the distinguished Market Research Society Awards, held at Supernova London last night.

06 December 2016

More customers are switching their current accounts from the traditional Big 4 banks to established challenger banks, as new research pinpoints what really lures people from one bank to another.

05 December 2016

Kantar TNS is pleased to announce that, 'The Grocer magazine' has named FMCG & Retail’s Ed Mott as one of the country’s top, up-and-coming talents in the grocery, retail, wholesale and supplier market.

16 November 2016